Money and Debt - A Christian Perspective

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A Positive Money annual conference was held on Sat 1 March 2013 which I attended
Lots of new ideas have come forward and the momement,
part of Christian Council for Monetary Justice is growing fast...

The subject of money and debt is something most churches avoid other than in working out their own budgets.
There seems to be little understanding of the world of money and even less action.
We are not afraid to tackle the issue here and the more people that know the truth about money creation
and the effect is has on debt, the quicker will the system be changed...

A 10-year-old girl explains why there is so much debt
Click on the image to go to Positive Money and see the short video...

Update (March 2014): The Bank of England finally admits that virtually all the money that we
borrow for mortgages and loans is just credit taken from "thin air",
i.e. electronic deposits into an account... from no particular source and no-one has paid into it or stands to lose.

Clive Sawers


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Clive Sawers